English Version | Artist Statement: A Journey Through Christiane's Artistic Vision

English Version | Artist Statement: A Journey Through Christiane's Artistic Vision

Christiane Mauer is an emerging artist living near Munich, Germany. Her abstract artworks are inspired by the breathtaking beauty & uniqueness of Lanzarote - one of altogether eight inhabited Canary Islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean.

Christiane about creating abstract art: "Abstract art for me means limitless freedom in my expression - the freedom to intuitively bring my memories, thoughts and emotions to life through shapes and colors."

She expresses positive memories & emotions she associates with Lanzarote through different techniques, always keen on experimenting with new materials.

Initially, she likes to think in terms of concepts, but then usually lets her intuition and emotional impulses guide her in the creative process. Core themes of her contemporary artworks are the expression of raw beauty and the contrasts of the island - between tranquillity & energy, between the gentleness of the sea & the power of the vulcanos.


The special nature of her artworks.

In her expression, Christiane likes to work with colors and textures she keeps discovering on her frequent travels to Lanzarote. Through tailor-made framing that is designed to match the material, colors and shape of each abstract artwork, a positive & harmonious overall effect is created that plays with the contrast between calm and energy.

The contemporary artworks are made to stand out through passion, attention to detail & a sense of individuality, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in a world full of aesthetics & uniqueness.

The journey is the reward.

Although Christiane has longed to be an artist since childhood, she did not take this dream seriously at first. After graduating in communication science, psychology and communication design, as well as working in the creative industry for several years, she now decided to follow her heart - endlessly fascinated by creative artisan work and the creation of modern aesthetics through abstraction.


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